Our Gas Operations Activities

Phelps International laboratory provides solutions for all key analyses vital to you operations such as impurities like sulfur and other metals that impact downstream processes and quality of processing 

We carry out critical analysis to ensure safety, efficiency and quality. We ensure excellent service delivery in addressing variation in BTU and other physical properties that can affect cost and ultimately performance.

Refinery Gas Testing

Our laboratory has specialized gas chromatography units to characterize gases produced during crude oil refining.

Our refinery gas analyzers utilizes a gas chromatograph fitted with three channels; one equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID), the other equipped with a pulse flame photometric detector(PFPD) and the third with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD)



We analyze NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) for petrochemicals, refinery feedstocks and other industries.

NGL are the heavier hydrocarbons that remain after the methane (natural gas) is removed. NGL’s include propane,  butane, isobutane, pentanes, hexanes, heptanes and octanes.

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

We posses the dedication and technical capability to assure accuracy and integrity of the results and offer the following services;

  • Provision of highly skilled analytical services
  • Solutions and support to all LNG operations
  • Professional inspection services to the production, transport, storage and custody transfer of LNG cargo

Natural Gas & Compressed Natural Gas(CNG)

We test to trace detection levels for impurities which include; nitrogen, hydrogen, monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, mercury, sulfur, water and other component.

Understanding the composition of natural gas helps to reduce the risk of corrosion and contamination issues, Phelps International excellent natural gas quality and component analysis.

Natural Gas Composition

Natural Gas composition and quality test methods include; GPA 2261, 2286, and ASTM, such as D7833,  D1945,  D1946, D3588, and others

LPG Testing & Inspection

Phelps International offers professional testing for it clients on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) for all stages of the supply chain. Our LPG analytical testing includes:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Corrosion
  • Volatility
  • Mercaptans, Mercury
  • Density
  • Composition of Gases
  • Contamination to trace ppm, ppb, and ppt levels
  • Flourine test
  • Reid vapour pressure
  • Motor octane number
  • water
  • Organic content
  • etc