PHELPS owns and operates a variety of geo-technical tools including an in-situ piezocone penetration testing system (40kN Roson CPT). We routinely utilize various overburden-sampling tools such as vibrocoring systems, piston corers, gravity corers and grab sampling units, as well as box samplers and ROV push-type corers.

Our Geo-technical Activities involves the following;

Dutch Cone Penetration Tests, Core Samples, Grab Samples, Borehole Drilling, Moisture Content, Dry/Wet Tests, Atterberg Limit Determination, Particle Size Distribution, Consolidation Test, Undrained Tests, Chemical Tests (pH, sulphate, chloride, etc)

Across the world’s offshore environments, PHELPS is ready to provide customized geotechnical services to ISO, ASTM and NGI guidelines. Our track record includes successful projects for the offshore energy and submarine telecommunications industries.

Collected Samples Usage includes;

Offshore oil and gas exploration and field development
Offshore pipeline and cable route surveys
Offshore renewable energy
Soil investigation for anchored structures
Soil investigation for shallow foundations
Assessment of soil condition for dredging/soil borrow
Offshore mineral prospecting and monitoring
Near-shore civil engineering projects